Oscar Svensson MI’16 har tilldelats flagga № 101 för den tionde upplagan av Expedition Bjurälven – utforskningen av Sveriges längsta undervattensgrottsystem i norra Jämtland. Nedan finns en övergripande beskrivning av projektet:

This project is part of an ongoing effort to explore Swedens longest underwater cave system in the Bjurälven valley. 2017 marks the 10th expedition year and builds upon the work done previously in the area by expedition members under the supervision of the Swedish Speleological Society. Before this years expedition just over 2 kilometers of cave passages were known.

The expedition is especially challenging due to the arctic conditions with typical water temperature between 0-1 degree celsius. This puts high demands on the gear and preparations to make sure all divers are ready for long exposures to cold conditions.

Where much underwater cave exploration today is made by small teams that can quickly get in and set up a project, the conditions and remoteness of this project requires a lot of personnel and additional gear.

The goals of the project is to map and document the cave system of the Bjurälven valley and in the process of doing so help promote the local area and the people living there.

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