Fredrik has climbed nine 8000 peaks, set a Guinness World Record – fastest to climb 7 Summits – done first accents in the Andes, Europe and the Himalayas, written two books and produced TV-documentaries for NatGeo, Discovery, TV4 and SVT. He also work with greencargo introducing airships to the market again. He is also working with environmental protection projects around the world. Perhaps his passion for climbing derives from the fact that he always been scared of heights. Finally, he had the means to confront the trauma in a functional way. He rather enjoy his precious time on the planet instead of spending a life in survival mode. For him climbing is about mindfulness, like opening up your eyes for the very first time, like going from black & white to color TV. Fredrik realize that so much distracts him from what’s really important in life. Fredrik is thankful for the moments when he climbed and woke up. Society will always be fascinated about people who perform daring things. So is Fredrik.