Professor i marinarkeologi på Södertörns högskola. Föreståndare för det Marinarkeologiska forskningsinstitutet MARIS, på Södertörns högksola.

PhD at Stockholm University 1995. Senior curator/marine archaeologist at the National Heritage Board UV Stockholm 1994-97. Teacher and researcher at Södertörn University since 1997.

Associate professor (docent) in archaeology at Stockholm University in 2000. Between 2003-2008 head of Södertörn University Higher Education Development Unit (HPU). STINT fellow and guest professor at Skidmore College, USA fall 2005. Extern examinator Southampton University 2001-2005. Associate professor (docent) in maritime archeology at Helsinki University in 2008. Visiting professor Middlebury College, US, Winter term 2015.

His research have focused on different shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, but have also concerned Viking age lake dwellings, harbours and prehistoric landscapes under wate, coastal landscapes and mans cultural and social interaction with water.